Mr. Koester has Retired but will leave this site up for now. However there will be no updates.

July 16, 2010

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Updated 07/16/2010

Welcome to my classes!

Western Washington University

Woodring College of Education
Seattle Campus
Instructor - John Koester

Courses Taught

IT 344 - Basic Instructional Technology Skills

IT 442 - Classroom Use of Instructional Technology - Elementary

IT 444 - Classroom Use of Instructional Technology - Secondary - currently offline

IT 544 - Instructional Technology and Education


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Instructional Technology in Education

This program is designed for those who wish to improve or develop their abilities to select, use, adapt and create learning materials incorporating microcomputers. This program provides teachers with the background necessary to integrate instructional technology into their lesson plans.

Competency in the Use of

Instructional Technology in Education

Students admitted to programs in the Woodring College of Education are required to possess competence in the use of instructional technology in education prior to completion of their program and, when applicable, prior to being recommended for certification.


The purpose of this site is provide students in my classes the information necessary to complete all the assignments required for satisfactory completion of the Instructional Technology Courses.

Please E-Mail any questions or comments about this site to:

Instructor - John Koester